M-Ziel Tactical Boot Throwing Knife


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M-Ziel, Boot /Throwing Knife: Is not only a compact version of the Ziel II by John Bailey, but a knife for the armed forces and tactical personal. The M-Ziel is, 3/16 thick, 8 7/8 inches long, 7 oz. and 420 stainless steel. John designed this knife to hold up when you need to pry open a suspicious grate, punch holes in a drum or pop a car window to aid in a rescue; all this and a great throwing knife too. The top grain leather sheath has a high-rise belt clip, eyelets for lacing down stealth carry or to tie on to a vest or other equipment. The M-Ziel knife comes with a genuine leather, sheath and tie

A Ret. 1st. Sgt. told me: "The Special Forces guys a Ft. Bragg are buying these up fast."

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